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My work focuses on back-end software development and the infrastructure that supports it. Building my own projects allows me to explore other areas of product development that I don't normally get to exposed to, like SEO and design work.


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These days you’re spoilt for choice with vehicle tracking software. There are plenty of systems that will offer to tell you where each vehicle is down to the centimetre, with updates every nanosecond, for one eye-watering monthly price. But not every fleet needs such hyper-detailed scrutiny. Some companies just want to stay on top of the paperwork and make sure they don’t miss the MOT date or let the tax expire. That’s what FleetSorted is designed to do; help companies manage their vehicle fleet, without overloading them with stuff (and costs) they don’t need.

Big Fish Quiz

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My wife and I love a good pub quiz and if there’s one thing Big Dave knows, it’s how to run a good pub quiz. He’s got a great formula; with fun rounds and a voice that wouldn't sound out of place coming from the drive-time DJ of your local radio station.

When we met, Dave was running quizzes most nights of the week all around Oxford, but didn't have a way to sell those quizzes to others across the UK that might like to run their own. With Big Fish Quiz you can’t buy Dave’s dulcet tones, but at least you can buy his quizzes.